Care | Ministries

Medical Outreach

In line with our vision, and as a way of giving back to our immediate community, we carry out medical outreaches to Samonda and environs. The medical outreach which is entirely free of any charge features counseling and health education, medical check-up, consultation and treatment, eye screening and dental care. These services are delivered by qualified Medical Doctors.

Men Empowerment Network (MEN)

Men Empowerment Network (MEN) is an interdenominational ministry powered by the Pentecost House and focused on mobilizing, equipping and empowering an exceeding great army of word trained, courageous men that are full of faith and the Holy Ghost.

Ladies Of Virtue (LOV)

Ladies Of Virtue (LOV) is an interdenominational ministry powered by the Pentecost House and focused on building extraordinary women. From fun events to prayer meetings, we encourage the woman to see herself as valuable in God's plan and purpose in our time.

Youth Fellowship

The Youth Fellowship is the youth arm of the Pentecost House. This dynamic fellowship is structured to empower the youths to discover their vision, understand their potential, maximize their God-given gifts and talents while laying a strong foundation for a great life.

Personal Advancement Seminar Series (PASS)

Personal Advancement Seminar Series (PASS) is an enterprise development event focused on educating and motivating start-ups cum providing a platform for established businesses to leverage on networking and learn new ways of advancing in an increasingly complex business world.

Service Units

At The Pentecost House, we believe it takes all of us to make church happen. We need you today! you are welcome to join any of our service units.