Personal Advancement Seminar Series (PASS) 2018

About PASS

Personal Advancement Seminar Series (PASS) is an enterprise development event focused on educating and motivating start-ups cum providing a platform for established businesses to leverage on networking and learn new ways of advancing in an increasingly complex business world.

Personal Advancement Seminar Series (PASS), a flagship business and personal development outreach brand of the Pentecost House, is built on the concept that success is not achieved by accident or magic - it is by the study and routine practice of some fundamental principles.

Since the year 2008, these fundamental principles have been taught to hundreds of participants by speakers who are at the intellectual frontiers of their industries cum spheres of influence.

Topics examined in past editions of PASS include; "How To Start Your Own Business", "Personal Branding", "Goal Setting", "Financial Intelligence", "Internet Opportunities", "Staff Development", "Opportunities and Challenges of Growing Your Business in Nigeria", "How To Get A Loan From A Nigerian Bank" and "Succeeding Against All Odds"


Sam Kunu
Sam Kunu attended the University of Ibadan where he graduated with a B.SC in Agronomy in 1981 and an MBA in Marketing 1998. He began his career in National Oil and Chemical Marketing Company (now Conoil) in 1982 as a Development Officer where he worked until 1985. He worked in CAPL Plc from 1985-1995 as Agric Development Manager where he was in-charge of Product and market development. From 1995-2000 he worked in C.Zard as Agrochemicals Manager with a wide array of development and commercial responsibilities. He has been Managing Director of Insis Agrochemicals Ltd since 2000.

He served in the Agrochemicals industry, Croplife Nigeria, as Chairman Technical Committee from 1998-2004, with responsibilities which included developing training material for the agrochemical industry. He was President of CropLife Nigeria from March 2004-March 2012. He has attended several training seminars and workshops in Nigeria and abroad and represented Nigeria in several International meetings. He is a member of the Pentecost House and the Full Gospel Business Men's Fellowship and enjoys Classical music and Cricket. He is married to Judith Kunu and they are blessed with three daughters.