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Pentecost Academy

At The Pentecost House, we believe that it is not just about attending church but about developing spiritually as part of a church community –Pentecost Academy is the resources development school for the church. Through this we pass on the vision of the church and the spirit of the house. As such, we have designed a four-level development school for your personal growth from spiritual infancy to capacity for evangelical missions.

The Membership Level introduces you to the faith as well as the vision and structure of The Pentecost House.

The Maturity Level focuses on the Four Basic Habits every Christian needs to develop in order to grow to spiritual maturity. This class will...equip you with the skills you need to begin these habits as well as explain the tools you need to continue them.

The Ministry Level will help you discover and develop your personal ministry and spiritual gifts; and to express them as God intended. So if you're ever stuck on understanding cum discovering what you are called for or how to serve God as a Christian, then this class is right for you.

The Missions Class is open to all graduates of the ministry class. Every member is taught the principles of effective personal evangelism, and follow up. Members are expected to go beyond boundaries to cause spiritual transformation and win people both in the community and the market place.